European Association of National Research Facilities

The European Association of National Research Facilities with open internationl access (ERF) has been initiated to promote cooperation between individual European national large-scale research facilities laboratories, for example supporting research with neutrons, lasers, synchrotron light, ions and particles. Among its’ objectives are:

  • To coordinate development of forefront facilities for European research;
  • To develop mechanisms and best practice for international provision of large-scale research facilities;
  • To act as a source of scientific and technical expert opinion for national and European policy making;
  • To act as a single voice – representing a large constituency for large-scale research facilities – with decision makers;
  • To facilitate the availability of resources for large-scale research facilities by cooperation and also through the initiation of specific joint initiatives or consortia.

The ERF was constituted in 2007 by 11 laboratories and represents international-level multidisciplinary Research Infrastructures funded by national sources but offering open and free access and serving every year over 20,000 academic and industrial users from Europe and all over the world. ERF is open to all Research Infrastructures which develop this “ERA open access” policy, hosting researchers from any Country in the world, selected solely on their quality by international peer review. These Research Infrastructures play a strong strategic role to make the European Research and Innovation Area attractive and competitive.

Please visit the official ERF website for more information.

For further details contact:

Prof. Carlo Rizzuto, ELETTRA (Chair, ERF),
Jean-Pierre Caminade, SOLEIL (Executive Secretary, ERF),