ERF Workshop "The Socio-Economic Relevance of Research Infrastructures"

Date: 31 May/01 June 2012
Location: DESY Hamburg

Research Infrastructures are an important cornerstone in the European Research and Innovation Area. They are instrumental for the advancement of science and stimulate through their excellence in research important innovation, learning and education processes that are most relevant for society and economy. This ERF Workshop will bring together experts from research infrastructures, science, policy makers and industry to discuss the many dimensions of socio-economic relevance of Research Infrastructures. It is the main purpose of this workshop to record experiences and real cases, refining to best practices, and to formulate proposals for the broader European community. Apart from economic returns and links to the innovation systems a focus on social, cultural and public aspects is given.

The workshop programme including all talks can be found here

Documents or ERF Workshop

Jean-Pierre Caminade, SOLEIL
Florian Gliksohn, ELI
Keith Jeffery, STFC
Frank Lehner, DESY
Carlo Rizzuto, Chair ERF and Elettra
Regina Rochow, Elettra
Thierry Straessle, PSI

For inquiries please contact per email:
Frank Lehner